The smartly ordered shirts are crisp, classic white until they fall inside the steel cube frames, at which point they take on colour as though the space itself has dyed them.” Oki Sato, nendo

Lola Dupre & Steven Tai SS2014

Últimamente hay muchas y geniales colaboraciones con artistas y diseñadores o marcas de moda. Hoy toca ver el combo que hacen la artistaza del collage Lola Dupre y el diseñador Steven Tai.

Lulu & Co. and Chad Wys

The Lulu & Co. autumn/winter 2014-15 ready-to-wear collection includes 7 pieces featuring Chad Wys work.

The Price of Everything by Conall McAteer

The Price of Everything draws upon found images of counterfeit Hermès scarves posted online. These jpegs, enlarged to actual-scale and reproduced on silk twill, are degraded as a result of their limitations.


Helsinki based illustrator Janine Rewell and shoe designer Minna Parikka teamed up for an exciting spectacle combining the world of body painting with MINNA PARIKKA SS14.



Ropa llena de emojis by  KTHANKSBYE.

MINE by Tell No One

The filmmaking duo Luke White and Remi Weekes, AKA Tell No One, conjure a magical, motion-touch enabled short with a troupe of contemporary dancers from London’s Sadler’s Wells, who engage in a graceful, beautifully dressed game of chase.

Glasser x Totokaelo

A short film collaboration between Glasser and Totokaelo.



By Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader

Where I See Fashion

El genial Tumblr de Bianca LuiniWhere I See Fashion, donde empareja fotos de moda con otras fotos que tengan algún parecido.


BIOPIRACY . Iris van Herpen AW 2014

Traditional craft and technology combine to conquer the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week.

Building Block SS14

Era difícil pensar que mi obsesión por todo lo que hacen Building Block pudiera ir a más. Pues nada, presentan nueva colección y no me queda otra que caer rendido a sus diseños.


Preciosa editorial de la marca australiana CAMEO con fotografías de James Hartley.

“Bluebird” Nick Fouquet Hats

Pasados los Grammy’s 2014, quien no quiere alguno de los sombreritos (nótese el irónico diminutivo) que se pusieron Pharrell Williams y Madonna? Pues aquí tenéis los Nick Fouquet Hats.

Ölend Spring Summer 2014

Ölend nos presenta su nueva colección primavera/verano’14 con una preciosa serie de fotografías hechas por Carlota Bird.


No hay chupas ni parches más molones. Punto.

Dystopian Brutalist Outerwear

After the economic downfall and the decline of our society life on this planet will be tough and unsure. For people to survive they will need a protective outer layer which guards them from the harsh conditions of every day life. Outerwear used to shield from heavy weather. A product that is at the same time highly functional and easy to industrially mass-manufacture.

La Mue by Muriel Nisse

Las originales máscaras bordadas de Muriel Nisse.

Girl, interrupted AW ’13 ’14

La nueva colección de los siempre preciosos zapatos de About Arianne.

Threads for Cockaigne . Martijn van Strien

The Land of Cockaigne is a mythical land of plenty, an imaginary place of extreme luxury from medieval tales. Paintings depicting European kings and nobles of the era from the Dark Ages through to the Age of Enlightenment remind of this tale. They show a nearly dreamlike display of the most extravagantly chic clothes seen in man’s history. Nobility had themselves portrayed wearing clothes that made exuberant use of furs and delicate handcrafted materials such as quilts, embroideries and ruffled collars.

Dominik Tarabanski

A New York based conceptual fashion photographer.

Geology of Shoes by Barbora Vesalá

Project is taking inspiration from sediment layers and from effects of erosive processes in nature as well as from traditional shoe making techniques. Special construction method has been developed and used across the collection. Multiple layers of leather scrap pieces are added on the last and subsequently sanded down to achieve the final shape and unique colour pattern of the shoe. Colour scheme is influenced by old geological maps.

Aitor Throup . New Object Research 2013

¿Recordáis la genial “skull bag” de Aitor Throup? Pues ahora ha vuelto con su nueva colección de ropa y complementos. Como siempre muy especial, muy suya y muy bestia.

Dashilar Flagship Store by Sander Wassink

The Dashilar Flagship store is a fictive, temporary shoeshop in the Hutong Dashilar in Beijing. It uses cheap, counterfeit shoes as raw material to create a brand with a new local identity and pride. The Cutting and re-editing of the shoes is being done in the shop by designers and the assembling is executed by the local Dashilar shoemakers.

‘Up & Out’ by Joshua Stocker

A surreal take on the age-old dilemma of what to wear.

Masha Reva X SNDCT . Odessa Series

Odessa Series is the second collaboration between young designer Masha Reva and Syndicate of Kiev.

VOID by Yvonne Laufer

VOID is a collection that embraces the presence of negative space. It explores the boundaries between form and non-form as well as materiality and nothingness. A universe of imaginary spaces.

Potipoti – Spring/Summer 2014 “Arlequin”

Quiero vivir cubierto de las mantas, los colores, los estampados, las mochilas y de TODO lo que hacen Potipoti.



Discover the special edition book on CHANEL N°5 created by book designer Irma Boom for N°5 CULTURE CHANEL