P.A.C.O. is a digital loudspeaker manufactured in concrete and fir harmonic board. The body, heavy and amorphous, enhances the deepness of basses and the top in harmonic wood gives clearness to the trebles. It is a standing piece and can be placed on the desk or any other shelf. It offers wireless streaming via Bluetooth, so music from different sources (Smartphone, PC, MP3 player) can be played. Music can be controlled by gestural interface.

Jackson and His Computerband – G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)

Jackson describes the video, created by Myzyk & Moriceau of Division & Mathematic, as “castration dynamite and phallic entertainment for everyone“.

Urotsukidōji marcó mucho a algunos…

The Urbanears Plattan Pendleton Edition

Juntar el famoso estampado made in Pendleton con los bonitos auriculares Urbanears , han creado una fuerte y repentina ansiedad materialista en mi persona. Los necesito.

My body’s a zombie for you

A film by Guim Tió.

Sadly by your side

Sadly by your side is not just an album, but a synesthetic application; a processing and remixing tool where each song can be endlessly transformed depending on the images you focus on with your camera.

Visualtraveling . Arirang

Usar la canción “Reunion” de The XX y las siempre impresionantes coreografías multitudinarias norcoreanas, no podían quedar mejor. Impresionante.

MusicInk . Learn the Music, Play!

Designed by Gilda Negrini & Riccardo Vendramin.


- No images were computer generated, and the opening sequence alone includes 1,498 shots – more cuts than some feature films.


SWOON is an ode to the boob. It is an attempt to encompass both the bittersweet, embarrassing intensity of physical attraction. To do this it uses animation (done in Photoshop), a custom interface (breasts made of clay attached to a MaKey MaKey), song (made with Ableton Live), and programming to link them all together (C++ and Openframeworks).

PARTICULES by Objets sans âge

A series of 4 objects, in porcelain and wood. Created partly at the Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres, France.

The Ageless Objects series defines a new typology of objects more timeless and emotional, playing both on an archaïc and technologic identity. Inspired by the several properties of porcelain both very sensual and technical , they bring a kind of gentleness to everyday life ; a way to reinterpret household products into high regard and high quality objects.


Clark . ‘Feast / Beast’

Hay poca animación en los vídeos de los dos remix, pero si ésta la hace el siempre genial Cyriak y encima tiene algo que nos recuerda los geniales collages de Gordan Shark, aunque te quedes con ganas de más no está nada mal.


HPSTR Pyramid

The HPSTR Pyramid is an attempt to create an alternative — but native to digital world — interface, to conventional knobs and slide controls. It’s an approach to have the same basic and generic functionality a knob has but to achieve it with a more natural interaction.

‘Blue’ – Naysayer & Gilsun

Blue is the second track on Naysayer & Gilsun’s release ‘All That Good Work/Blue’.

“Moped” . Pinkunoizu

Music video for Pinkunoizu directed by Ewan Jones Morris.

Lego Thriller by Annette Jung

Directed and animated by Annette Jung The legendary Thriller short film in Lego.

Dizzee Rascal | I Don’t Need A Reason

Videoclips tan divertidos hay pocos y éste simplemente se sale con una idea bien fácil pero muy bien realizada. Todo muy gif. La productora Division Paris empiezan a ser fijos en Artnau.

PONCHO – I Ponch Piano

The new porn/graphic video we did for PONCHO, an electronic band from Buenos Aires.

ROLI . The Seaboard

Evolved from the piano keyboard, the Seaboard is a new musical instrument which bridges the gap between acoustic and digital music by putting the control of pitch, volume and timbre right at your fingertips.


Genial canción, genial bailarines, genial imagen, genial videoclip.

The Cube

The Cube is a media system consisting of a large cube speaker and a small cube that acts as a remote control.

PHOENIX . Trying To Be Cool

El nuevo videoclip ‘Trying to be Cool’ de Phoenix dirigido y producido por CANADA. Exacto, CANADA. No diré nada más. Pa qué, verdad?

KELPE – ‘Go Visible’

Music video for Kelpe‘s “Go Visible” by filmmakers Mira Loew and David Altweger in collaboration with contemporary dancer Melissa Spiccia.


Smoke bombs. Milk baths. Teen angst.


The Human Speaker by Nic Wallenberg

The Human Speaker collar turns one’s mouth into a speaker. Our throats produce sound by one’s vocal chords reacting to air from the lungs, and the resulting sounds then being amplified by the mouth.

The Human Elephant – Fishing for Souls

Curioso a la par que bonito corto/videoclip para el grupo berlinés The Human Elephant.

Flying Lotus – Getting there

Impresionante videoclip (no oficial) de la canción “Getting There” de Flying Lotus hecho por Isaac Maroto y José Venditti utilizando el lenguaje de código abierto Processing y el dispositivo de captación de movimiento Kinect, además de otros softwares gráficos.


Precioso trabajo que junta tipografía+música de los chicos de Comité Studio.

“I remember” – Josep Xortó

SlurpTV lo ha vuelto a hacer. Precioso y brutalmente original videoclip para Josep Xortó.

Adrian Sieber – Round Round Song

GIF + Music Video.

Etta Bond: Under The Knife

A collaborative film by Jeremy Cole with UK singer Etta Bond, for Channel 4. Shot in one take and split into 1374 layers in After Effects.

Es ver el making of de vídeos como este y darme algo… La de trabajo que tienen 3 minutos!!