Building Block SS14

Era difícil pensar que mi obsesión por todo lo que hacen Building Block pudiera ir a más. Pues nada, presentan nueva colección y no me queda otra que caer rendido a sus diseños.


Es posible enamorarse de una mochila. Es altamente probable hacerlo de las Mifland.


Preciosas mochilas y bolsas hechas de mimbre y piel por los chicos croatas de Oaza.

Girl, interrupted AW ’13 ’14

La nueva colección de los siempre preciosos zapatos de About Arianne.


PLAY at Table of Contents

PLAY at Table of Contents is a collaboration with Building Block and Correll Correll. Plywood and marble laminate ping pong table by Joseph Magliaro. Table tennis kits (2 paddles, strap, IKB ball bag) by Building Block. Hand-knit net with vintage posts by Correll Correll.

Geology of Shoes by Barbora Vesalá

Project is taking inspiration from sediment layers and from effects of erosive processes in nature as well as from traditional shoe making techniques. Special construction method has been developed and used across the collection. Multiple layers of leather scrap pieces are added on the last and subsequently sanded down to achieve the final shape and unique colour pattern of the shoe. Colour scheme is influenced by old geological maps.

TUOKKO by Katja Mustaniemi

Una bonita y original mochila hecha de anchas tiras de cuero trenzadas a la que le podemos sumar, si queremos, compartimientos/bolsillos extras que a la vez nos pueden valer por separado como bolsos de mano.

Orée . Wood + Tech + Design

Esto es trampa y diría que casi ilegal. ¿Sumar tecnología con madera, cuero y mármol? ¿Y se supone que no nos vamos a volver loquísimos y lo querremos todo?

Marina Hoermanseder

ILPOX by Marina Hoermanseder / spring/summer 2014


TSATSAS means clarity and quality. With regard to design, the materials used, and the way they are treated. A particular approach to luxury is something immediately noticeable, something that can be felt straight away. These bags take time – to design, to manufacture and to develop.

neon old school by Alba Prat

Cold war childen going to school equipped with their leather bags, warmly wrapped up in gloves and scarves knitted by their grandmothers is what inspired this collection of accessories.

The disciplined pupils are represented in three differents outfits, in wich the bright and strong spirit of their childhood is symbolized by the neon color. The collection shows the tension between the controlled, very correct behavior of children at school and their conflicting inner rebellious character.

chiu chih’s survival kit

Chiu chih‘s survival kit for the ever-changing planet.

Building Block + Waka Waka

Building Block and Waka Waka introduce their first collaboration that experiments with time-treated surfaces and hand made wooden shapes. When exposed to sunlight, the overt pattern and molded forms on the leather surface of these bags will naturally begin to fade, becoming a different bag that reflects an individual experience over time.


Geoffrey Franklin runs Walnut Studiolo, where he makes wood and leather bicycle accessories by hand. He shares his thoughts on the design process and explains what it really means for something to be “handmade”.


CHIYOME studio’s clean and minimalist perspective manifests through sharp lines, subtle color relationships and smart proportions. The company is committed to generating pieces that grow more beautiful with time and are the product of thoughtful engagement with the environment. In focusing on the careful selection of harmonious materials, the CHIYOME studio takes care to present small collections of items that speak the same visual language.


EVA VS. MARIA es una marca de calzado para mujer diseñado en Barcelona creada por Eva María Bazán.

Low Classic

Los bonitos bolsos coreanos de “Low Classic“.

Youngwon Kim — MA Fashion Footwear

Los “sencillos” zapatos de tacones intercambiables de Youngwon Kim. Lo dicho, muy sencillitos.


WAGON is a curated bricolage of style and function that merges playful aesthetics with the timeless need to carry and convey. Each WAGON is modeled after an icon of carriage—WAGON No.1 starts with the honest mason’s bag and adds wheels and a friendly demeanor for the perfect at-home companion. WAGON No.2 takes on the stalwart basket and is sturdy for about-town hauling. And WAGON No.3 is based on the standard grocery bag, svelte for urban adventures.

Alix by Tilt & Amaze

El grafitero francés Tilt y Amaze-art se unen para crear este original sofá Chesterfield llamado “Alix“.


Gran descubrimiento el de estos preciosos zapatos alemanes.

About Arianne – This Island Earth

About Arianne nos presenta su nueva colección “This Island Earth” inspirada en los 90. Ahora con colores atrevidos, pieles metalizadas, rejillas, el microfil (una mezcla entre algodón y seda, que tiene un aspecto de ante pero es mucho más resistente), vuelve a recordarnos el porqué amamos tanto los zapatos de Arianne. Simplemente preciosos.

OTO Atelier

OTO es sinónimo de amor por el detalle, a buen gusto, a unos diseños preciosos y todo gracias a las manos de Daniel Levy, que es quien está detrás de este genial estudio con sede en Barcelona.


El amor por los detalles en los diseños de Hanna Billqvist y Sofie Samuelson, junto al saber mezclar materiales con tanto gusto, consiguen que sus muebles sean una autentica delicia.

Arc of a Diver

Pendleton and leather bags from the Pacific Northwest.

Oliver Ruuger : Making Umbrellas

¿Queda claro que no todos los paraguas son iguales? Queda muy claro.



Ver el vídeo y tener mil ganas de no hacer nada más que cosas bonitas con cuero. Avisados.

Ina Grau

Tengo un problema, una debilidad, con los zapatos hechos a mano y los Ina Grau son un gran gran descubrimiento.

[TRVR] Leather Belt

Premium quality vegetable-tanned natural leather, manufactured by Seungmin Jung.

Draught Dry Good – SS13 PRESENTATION

Hola, me llamo Artnau y soy adicto a todo lo que hace “Draught Dry Good“. Hoy toca repasar sus últimas creaciones pero aviso que seguro se me cuela de manera totalmente voluntaria, alguna cosa de las anteriores temporadas. Es tan bonito TODO que cuesta seleccionar y no caer en ponerlo todo y que nuestra Visa empiece a temblar. Fijaros el nivel de detalle/cuidado/mimo que tiene cada pieza.

Sus mochilas y sus billeteros/fundas de piel… OH.