Bartkira is an animated parody mash-up of The Simpsons and Akira. Based on an idea by Ryan Humphrey articulated through comics, the concept was expanded with the Bartkira project, a comic collaboration of Simpsons fans, curated by James Harvey. In association with the comic, Moon Animate Make-Up producer Kaitlin Sullivan pitched the idea of an animated trailer to match and with the work of over fifty artists, produced the Bartkira animated trailer.


Rus Khasanov consigue grabar un vídeo precioso solamente con un buen macro, tinta de colores, aceite y jabón.

GRAVITANT by Cinta Vidal

Uno empieza enamorándose y alucinando con la última colección que ha hecho la artista Cinta Vidal, GRAVITANT, y termina enloqueciendo cuando descubre que también pinta espectaculares telones para todo tipo de escenografías.


A amazing simulacra of nature by Theo Tagholm.


Pure Concentricity

Composed of sequential photographs, the animation was limited to the natural landscape, the human figure, and concentric circles of shaving cream. Directed by Evan Mann.

Stainless by Adam Magyar

La cámara súper lenta en los vídeos de Adam Magyar consigue que las escenas urbanas más comunes de cualquier ciudad se transformen en pura poesía visual.

“Captured” Written by Gestalt.

Shot, edited and directed by David Dutton

FORMS by Albert Omoss

Ongoing filmic explorations of four-dimensional forms.

Jean Jullien

A little film about the illustrator Jean Jullien made by Handsome Frank.


Divertida colaboración que han hecho las Flaminguettes y la fotógrafa de moda Cecy Young para Sony y su Xperia T3.


O by Cris Gris. La intensidad, el misterio, la provocación y la magia que produce un “simple” macro del cuerpo humano al desnudo.


Meet your Microbes

They’re on your tongue, under your armpits, in your guts and on your skin. In fact, any place you can think of there are microbes living on, under, or in between there. In their unimaginably large numbers, these micro-organisms determine our lives – even though we never see them. Micropia, the world’s first museum of micro-organisms (next to Artis Royal Zoo) in Amsterdam, reveals the invisible world of microbes.

Beautiful Chemical Reactions

Eight types of beautiful chemical reactions are presented in this short video.

Lady is a tramp

Otra de esas geniales locuras que tanto nos enamoran de todo lo que hacen Dvein.


Ascension‘ explores rebirth and renewal and features Gareth Pugh S/S 15 garments and an original piece of choreography by Wayne McGregor.

Man of the Year 2014

Opening ceremony GQ Man of the Year 2014.


Los vídeos que crea Dennis Hlynsky son tan simples como espectaculares. Tan sencillo como capturar en vídeo los patrones de vuelo de nubes de pájaros y de otros animales voladores. Pura poesía visual. Pura hipnosis.


Kimchi and Chips create phantoms of light in the air, crossing millions of calibrated beams with their work Light Barrier. The light installation creates floating graphic objects which animate through space as they do through time.


CAL pretends to be timeless, weird and – at some point – a place between reality and perception, an island looped in an island, a close and desaturated system that gets its only colour from error. An aesthetic and psychological moment in time, recorded and distorted.


Short experimental film made up of over 3500 photos of ice cream by Mateo Cabeza.


Con una lijadora y unos -pobres- objetos, Laurin Döpfner ha sido capaz de crear un simple pero espectacular time lapse! Lijar, hacer foto, lijar, hacer foto, lijar, hacer foto…

Crème Caramel

Canada turn an innocent dessert into an erotic ideal in part three of #DefineBeauty

Glasser x Totokaelo

A short film collaboration between Glasser and Totokaelo.

LAST SEASON by Lernert & Sander

This spring the artists Lernert & Sander made space for the arrival of new collections at Kiki Niesten by reducing last season knitted garments from Fall/Winter ‘13 by Céline, Chloé, Jil Sander and Prada to balls of yarn: symbols of hope and aspiration.

Ice Crystal Timelapse

Timelapse video of ice crystals melting, photographed using cross-polarized light.


Water Experiment No. 33

Automata machine by Dean O’Callaghan.


Potente vídeo que ha creado Bharat Sarwiya para acompañar un poema suyo.


A slow and surreal video/slideshow of nightmareish, grotesque and apparently static characters by Donato Sansone.



Animation which shows typography evolution from paper to screen by Thibault de Fournas.

Midday Traffic Time Collapsed and Reorganized by Color

by Cy Kuckenbaker