Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

El escultor japonés Yoshitoshi Kanemaki vuelve a sorprendernos con una de sus bestiales piezas.

VES-EL by Gareth Neal

VES-EL by Gareth Neal in collaboration with Zaha Hadid.


A minimalist wooden led tube fixture – design by Waarmakers – made in Amsterdam. The reduced archetypical form is a perfect stage for this beautiful salvaged wood.


Creative meditation for human beings. Tälja, the swedish word for woodcarving and also the name of a special little woodcarving kit.

Lawrence Laske

Los increíbles muebles creados por el diseñador estadounidense Lawrence Laske.


Handturned . Jonathan Leech

Jonathan Leech is a Cumbrian woodturner with a passion for working with green wood and expressing its natural beauty within a contemporary design.

The Carvel Chair by Déanta

The Carvel Chair is made using the techniques of traditional boat construction which predominate along the west coast of Ireland.

Vulkan Beehive

Los chicos noruegos del estudio arquitectura y diseño Snøhetta han creado unas llamativas y geométricas colmenas.



Original colección de joyas creadas por Marcel Dunger con trozos de madera rotos y resinas de colores.


Mirja Pitkäärt is an Estonian designer based in Paris. Mirja is interested in accessories that sit between product and fashion design, using traditional as well as modern methods of manufacturing.



Confluence is a small wooden tea tray that serves up to 6 persons. It is carved out of Birch plywood, creating a beautiful landscape like form. It has been processed on both sides such that a thin layer of undulating form remains. The layers of the ply accentuates the undulating form through their alternating dark and light seams. A large central reservoir is created by the landscape. Excess tea will naturally flow towards the reservoir and form a miniature lake. As the tea gathers, the level gradually rises just like a lake does when it rains.


Skills or Skulls celebrates classic skateboarding heritage with authentic handmade street cruisers.



Chair designed by Andrea Magnani, Giovanni Delvecchio & Elisabetta Amatori.



This collection is inspired by the exciting edges and vivid grains found in the trees sustainably taken from the banks of the Nooksack river that twists below of Greg Klassen studio.



The Grovemade Wood Watch, designed in collaboration with Stefan Andrén, is timekeeping evolved. Look at your smartphone less when you wear this revolutionary watch built from premium American hardwoods. We know you’ve got the exact time in your pocket, along with a whole universe of facts. The Wood Watch doesn’t try to replace your smartphone; it offers another way to experience time.



Las geniales ilustraciones sobre madera del artista Boy Kong.


Portuguese stool by João Timóteo.


BOXED by Tyrone Stoddart

Boxed is a piece of multi-functional and adaptable furniture. It can be a coffee table, a desk, two stools and a lamp. All of these elements can be extended by the simple introduction of another part to suit the user’s need. These parts then all collapse back down to their most basic form, allowing them to be returned to the case that they are stored inside.

The Grovemade Desk Collection

Los chicos de Grovemade se han vuelto a superar. Nuestros iMacs se sienten desnudos sin todos estos preciosos complementos de madera! LOS NECESITO YA. En serio.


Kesito is a desktop organizer that helps us to order those little objects that we always have on hand; pencils, paper clips, business cards and of course, our Smartphone. It is composed of three diamond-shaped pieces, with which we can play and form a hexagon. It is made in solid pine, two of the three pieces have a touch of color.


Mesa de trabajo para dos personas que comparten uso en el espacio central. La x estructural almacena utensilios de oficina, lapiceros, bolígrafos, libros, revistas… Mobiliario desmontable, que ocupa el mínimo espacio volumétrico.


Qleek puts your favorite music playlists, TV Shows and photofeeds where you and your friends can easily see, share and play them.


STOPCYCLE is a series of 25 small scale sculptures, which as an ensemble create a seamless 25 frame animated loop. The work explores changes of form, and sound using repetition through time. The sculptures shapes are organic and layered in form, much like topographical maps. The forms are descriptions of anatomical regions, as well as being formal experiments in geometry and motion. Their shapes are infinitely cycling, beginning anew once they end – they can be interpreted as tangible, shapeshifting clocks.

Bikinibicis by Mas Dolor

Emparedado elaborado con tu bicicleta y dentro de dos rebanadas de madera.

SpaceWolf ltd.

Pósters brutales hechos con láser sobre madera. Quiero el de True Detective y Game of Thrones YA. Y el de Frankenstein, el de Dune, el de Godzilla y el de Alien…


Preparing food seems to be the most normal thing on earth. And that is exactly why we don’t bother performing in the kitchen. But within a closer look we’ll recognize that some of the tasks are more complex. Especially this complexity problems develop especially for elderly and disabled people while performing the tasks. For them preparing their meal often becomes a hurdle and a struggle which they have to deal with every day. ChopChop is therefore designed in terms of the universal design in terms of the universal design philosophy and provides help for disabled as well as not disabled people for preparing daily meals and working in the kitchen.


Modiste strives to expand the modernist tradition with new and original perspectives. By combining honest materials, the latest manufacturing processes and traditional crafting techniques.

Dock Lamp by Manuel Amaral Netto

Dock Lamp is a lamp that is connected not by a button but rather by a precise action. It is not the simple and everyday action of turning the light on with the click of a button but instead you move the light and place it on a specific place, depending on the type of light you need. You are the switch. Move the Lamp!

Grovemade Wood Sleeve for iPad & Macbook

This handcrafted wood veneer sleeve has geometric contouring, premium German wool lining, and a leather and brass pull strap to remove your device without grabbing or tugging. Organic textures protect your hardware from bumps and scratches on the go.

Diptych by Lex Pott & New Window

The title Diptych refers to the juxtaposition within each object of geometric and organic shapes, open and closed parts, control and freedom. The patterns are created by covering parts of the objects with rubber stickers during the sandblasting process. You can see the life of the tree in the wood: good summers give a wide annual ring, harsh winters a thin one. By sandblasting you blow away the soft rings of summer, leaving a gap. Within the wood there are different colours: heartwood has a reddish hue, sap-wood is more yellow. To accentuate the wood markings, the objects are finished with a combination of oil and wax.