Jackie Chan portrait with chopsticks

by Red Hong Yi

Bruno Walpoth

Las espectaculares esculturas talladas en madera por el artista Bruno Walpoth.

Thom Fougere

Thom Fougere is a Canadian designer focused on exploring the relationship between objects, products, spaces and dwelling. Thom Fougere’s studio was founded with a focus on furniture design, but continues to have a strong connection with product design, and architecture. Fougere’s work is heavily influenced by Winnipeg Manitoba, a small peculiar city in the middle of Canada where he calls home. The influence from his surroundings is evident in examining his work, which speaks to the prairie vernacular.


by Máximo Riera.


Las increíbles esculturas talladas en madera por el artista japonés Yoshitoshi Kanemaki.

Elliot The Bull . Colourblind

Awesome clip by Oh Yeah Wow. Pretty wood stop motion.

GATES by Romain Lagrange

Gates is an interior croquet game for adult players. It’s composed of sycamore maple, cork and leather. It was realized thanks to French and Swiss craftsmen.

Analog 128

Handcraftsmanship has become more scarce and intriguing in today’s digital world. It takes violin maker David Van Zandt 8 weeks to craft aged wood into a violin. This is the 128th violin he has crafted.

Kokeshi Dolls

Poder ver cómo hacen las muñecas Kokeshi, unas muñecas tradicionales japonesas, es un verdadero lujazo.

Raanan Stern

Studio for an artist by Raanan Stern.


Water Experiment No. 33

Automata machine by Dean O’Callaghan.

Fuentes Fuertes

Os dejo con un adelanto de la nueva obra del escultor Fuentes Fuertes y un genial vídeo para que veáis cómo trabaja.

Roxy Paine

El artista Roxy Paine lleva los dioramas a otro nivel. Si la sala de control a tamaño real, con todos los detalles posibles es espectacular, el restaurante de comida rápida hecho al 100% de madera nos deja sin palabras. Bestial.


The Desk by Minna Magnusson

Una mesa escritorio muy muy muy distinta.

BOWER Shape Boards

Shape Boards are equal parts functional and decorative. The blank side is a cutting board surface, and the painted side is decorative, painted (with non-toxic paint) to give the illusion of a 3D geometric shape.

Six-Pack-O-Kubb by Lumburr

Kubb is a traditional Swedish game that, put simply, involves throwing pieces of wood at other pieces of wood. It’s along the same lines of bocce and horseshoes. It’s great fun and generally involves beer drinking and trash talking.

The Six-Pack-O-Kubb is a re-design of the Swedish classic. More compact and lighter weight, it can be carried around town by bike or by hand. Everything fits neatly together to save space – the handle of the case is even used as one of the playing pieces. And it just so happens that it’s about the same size as the very familiar six-pack of beer.

Ron van der Ende

Siempre vale la pena hacer un nuevo repaso a la obra del genial escultor Ron van der Ende, con sus esculturas planas hechas con tablones de madera simulando volúmenes totalmente tridimensionales.

You Did Good

An award for the 2014 British Animation Awards (BAA) designed and made by Eamonn O’Neill. The brief was to incorporate the letters BAA and a sheep.

Caroline Slott

Las sencillas pero preciosas esculturas sobre madera o platos de cerámica de la artista Caroline Slott.


Rendez-wood? is a series of projects realized by third year students in the Product Design Department of Iceland Academy of the Arts (IAA).

Cutting boards

The geometric cutting boards by Tatemono.

Poquito Wood Wallet

Para los amantes de las carteras “minimalistas” los chicos australianos de MADERA han creado Poquito Wood Wallet. Un mini billetero, tarjetero y hasta tiene un hueco especial para usarlo de monedero!

Mini billeteros de cuero cero, billetero de madera Poquito uno.

METAMORFICA . Change and Persistence

A handmade necklace collection by Studio Fludd.

The Big Chop

The Big Chop it’s a chopping board, but a very special one. It combines the beauty and hardness of dense wood with a handy iPad rest.

The ships that sail through the clouds

Every now and then it happens that ships are so light that they begin to sail through the clouds. An account of the poetic work of Luigi Prina.

Harry Thaler

Harry Thaler’s work explores the world through reinvented objects and juxtapositions with a surprising and charming elegance. His elaborate designs are built on a foundation of traditional techniques and high quality craftsmanship creating a sensation of timelessness in his work. Harry’s background as a goldsmith and craftsman has a strong effect on his design process.


Ya os enseñé hace mucho los diseños de NAUT. Toca volver a recordaros y ver lo preciosos que son estos muebles japoneses.


Los preciosos muebles del estudio coreano Dialoguemethod.

Nomadic Chair by Jorge Penadés

Responding to society’s current and future needs born from modern culture, this project explores the potential of temporary furniture. Reducing comfort to the minimum in order to enlarge mobility to the maximum, Penadés encourage us to reconsider our ideas of contemporary furniture and give them new meanings in a more ephemeral context.


Four unique wooden characters entirely made and painted by hand. The individual pieces are interchangeable, allowing them to be re-assembled and stacked to create custom characters or abstract sculptures. The series captures the spirit of Rementer’s work, high key color, bold decorative pattern and oddly pensive characters which interact in unexpected and often humorous ways with the surroundings in which they are arranged.