Niels Kalk

Los divertidos collages del diseñador e ilustrador alemán Niels Kalk.

Lola Dupre & Steven Tai SS2014

Últimamente hay muchas y geniales colaboraciones con artistas y diseñadores o marcas de moda. Hoy toca ver el combo que hacen la artistaza del collage Lola Dupre y el diseñador Steven Tai.


The ONYX sofa is a 3 metre long seat made of carbon fibre and Volvic volcanic lava stone. It is the first in a line of made to measure furniture designed by Pierre Gimbergues.


Extremely short story in a gas station by Simon Landrein.

The Normans

Parte de la colección de Dolce & Gabbana Menswear Fall Winter 2014 ilustrada por el artista tailandés Hans.

Henry Oakley

Geometric gridwork by Henry Oakley.

Lulu & Co. and Chad Wys

The Lulu & Co. autumn/winter 2014-15 ready-to-wear collection includes 7 pieces featuring Chad Wys work.

STEREOTYPISM by Casalinghe di Tokyo

STEREOTYPISM is the new line of dishes from Casalinghe di Tokyo. The graphics are handled by Basik and Martina Merlini. The gestural expressiveness is at the base of the collection illustrated in a minimal and graphic key.

Andy Dixon

La colorida obra del artista Andy Dixon.

Troy Coulterman

Las siempre divertidas y algo locas esculturas del artista Troy Coulterman.

The Tale of the Plump Bird

Genial animación del ilustrador y animador japonés Saki Iyori.

Doraemon at the 2020 Neo-Tokyo Olympic Games

Ya os lo digo ahora, lo más brutal que veréis hoy. Sin más. ¿Juntar Doraemon con Akira? “Nooooobiiitaaaaa…” Momento Tetsuo-Doraemon. Brutal.


Precioso vídeo hecho por Morgan Matyjasik. Un genial collage animado.

Børk No.1

Børk No.1 is the work of the multidisciplinary creative studio Børk, a collaboration of visual and product designers. Each of the four blankets is the work of an individual graphic designer.

“Scenery of time”

by Carlos Caballero


ScanLAB Projects are the UK’s leading provider of large scale 3D scanning, capturing precise, beautiful digital replicas of buildings, landscapes, objects and events.


Los espectaculares graffitis del artista ROID.

Alaina Varrone

La potente obra bordada de la artista americana Alaina Varrone.

Hudson and Troop . Frameless

Directed by Andrew Goldsmith & Darcy Prendergast

The Price of Everything by Conall McAteer

The Price of Everything draws upon found images of counterfeit Hermès scarves posted online. These jpegs, enlarged to actual-scale and reproduced on silk twill, are degraded as a result of their limitations.

Street Typography

No todas las tipografías son sobre papel. Impresionante el dominio que tienen de unas herramientas tan bastas.

Score + Solder

Hoy por hoy no hay nada más bonito que los brutales terrarios hechos por Matthew Cleland.

Bruno Walpoth

Las espectaculares esculturas talladas en madera por el artista Bruno Walpoth.

Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada

El enorme e impresionante trabajo del artista Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada.

Thom Fougere

Thom Fougere is a Canadian designer focused on exploring the relationship between objects, products, spaces and dwelling. Thom Fougere’s studio was founded with a focus on furniture design, but continues to have a strong connection with product design, and architecture. Fougere’s work is heavily influenced by Winnipeg Manitoba, a small peculiar city in the middle of Canada where he calls home. The influence from his surroundings is evident in examining his work, which speaks to the prairie vernacular.

Rimma Tchilingarian

Los preciosos jarrones de porcelana de Rimma Tchilingarian.

Eric Yahnker

La satírica obra de Eric Yahnker.

Variopinte . Outdoor & Picnic

La bonita y original versión del típico cesto de picnic de la preciosa marca Variopinte.

Scott Lickstein

Las locas y geniales pinturas del artista Scott Lickstein.


A\STUDIO choose granite and wood as main materials for this project, as representative in the Galician architectural tradition. MIKA 350 is a pendant lamp inspired by the “Pallozas” the houses of the ancient Celtic forts that were built in Galicia from 6th century BC.