Lola Dupré

Toca volver a repasar el trabajo de la genial artista del collage Lola Dupré. Su obra no dejará de sorprendernos nunca.


Sputnik-5 es otro de los preciosos diseños creados por el estudio ruso Plan-S23 formado por Maxim Scherbakov y Alexey Galkin.

Ronin Motorworks

In mid 2009, with the demise of the Buell® brand by Harley-Davidson®, the founders of Ronin Motor Works, in a design exercise conducted at Magpul Industries Corp., created the Ronin Concept Motorcycle.  That initial Ronin Motorcycle concept is now brought to life through the design and manufacturing efforts of Ronin Motor Works as a limited release of 47 bikes.

Last Ex . “Girl Seizure”

Official music video for the band Last Ex. Animation by Gabriel Mangold.

Kathy Butterly

Los recipientes abstractos, deformes, casi pictóricos, de la escultora especializada en la cerámica Kathy Butterly.

Beautiful Chemical Reactions

Eight types of beautiful chemical reactions are presented in this short video.

Lady is a tramp

Otra de esas geniales locuras que tanto nos enamoran de todo lo que hacen Dvein.

Areniscos Costa Brava

A collection of areniscos made north of the catalan coast. This coast is full of different beaches with various kinds of sands. Here there are some pieces made by Victor Castanera at some of these places: Cala Estreta, Platja Fonda, Illa Roja, Platja del Castell…


Storms – Colores (Para Lole Pt. 2)

A music video for Storms or a movie about the relative sizes & colors in the universe.

Violaine & Jérémy

Violaine et Jérémy es estudio de ilustración y diseño gráfico con sede en París, dirigido por Violaine Orsoni y Jérémy Schneider.

Frida by Zanocchi & Starke

Frida is a concept of disassembled and customizable furniture, designed to perfectly fit into any space or situation.

Onur Gülfidan

La loca obra del artista turco Onur Gülfidan.

Oriana Fenwick

Los impresionantes dibujos a lápiz de la ilustradora alemana Oriana Fenwick.

BDDW ceramics

Las preciosas y originales piezas de cerámica de la pequeña marca americana BDDW.


Making A New Forest

La interesante serie de pinturas llamada “Making A New Forest” de la artista americana Lina Tharsing.


Si ya me gustaba todo lo que hacían los chicos de Woouf, su última colección ya me parece bestial. Los quiero TODOS.

The Carvel Chair by Déanta

The Carvel Chair is made using the techniques of traditional boat construction which predominate along the west coast of Ireland.

Vasya Kolotusha

El joven ilustrador ucraniano Vasya Kolotusha.

Typewritten Portraits

Typewritten portraits is an experimental art project by Álvaro Franca.

Say Lou Lou x Lindstrøm – Games for Girls

Music video by Say Lou Lou x Lindstrøm performing Games for Girls.

Avant Garde collection . Cornaërt

Cornaërt is a brand of socks lovingly made in France.

Dreams by Wang Ruilin

La preciosa serie de esculturas “Dreams” del artista chino Wang Ruilin.


Dean Monogenis

Los paisajes y las arquitecturas interpretadas por el pintor Dean Monogenis.


Ascension‘ explores rebirth and renewal and features Gareth Pugh S/S 15 garments and an original piece of choreography by Wayne McGregor.

Choi Xooang

Las perturbadoras y provocadoras esculturas del artista coreano Choi Xooang.


José A. Roda Plates

Los preciosos platos de José A. Roda llenos de iconos de la música y del arte.


Pijamas con estampado de mármol en la colección debut de la marca After Party.

Eyes of Hitchcock

Time stands still in this fascinating new visual essay exploring Hitchcockian suspense created by Kogonada.


Beach towels by Monaako.


OccultUs is an installation that exploits the potential of the Occulus Rift technology and offers an absorbing virtual reality display. It immerses the user in a sensory experience that mixes two distinct realities: the palpable, steady and concrete world, overlapping another virtual reality, simulated in three dimensions like a video game.