Una mesa multiusos muy muy diferente diseñada por Ying Chang.


Portuguese stool by João Timóteo.

Gazing Ball

La original yuxtaposición de lo abstracto y moderno con lo más clásico en la serie de esculturas “Gazing Ball” de Jeff Koons.

Gulp . “Vast Space”

Video for “Vast Space” by Gulp. Animation by Ewan Jones Morris.

NVM . Mike Howard

La mezcla perfecta de tattoos, barbudos, sexo y botánica en los dibujos del ilustrador Mike Howard.


Los sorprendentes y locos collages del artista bosnio Emir Šehanović.


La peculiar obra del escultor neozelandés Ben Young especializado en el cristal.


Pencils are utilized when giving form to our thoughts, illustrating our wishes and ideas. They are inseparably fused with craft and arts, representing diverse relationships between artist and their creations. Pencils are extensions of our minds which enable us to transmit information through different mediums and time, collecting knowledge and creating it.

Amalgamated is a collection which explores the relationship of a mass produced ‘tool’ and its individual purpose. The beauty of the pencil as an object seems to go unnoticed if utilised only for their primary purpose. “Amalgamated” is a visual and tactile investigation by using pencils as a raw material. This holistic principle has been the fundament for creating this set of vases; let the pencils become a thing themselves.


A design object that shows the advantages of a digital publication.


Los collages del artista belga David Delruelle.


La bonita serie “Wild-Man” hecha a lápiz azul por el artista canadiense Zachari Logan.


His work is inspired by the sublime & the enigmatic facets of the human psyche, the human condition & the cosmos.


El arte bordado de Julie Sarloutte.


Las locas y geniales pinturas de Jake Reller.

Joywave – Tongues ft. KOPPS

Directed by DANIELS & Zak Stoltz.

Beata Chrzanowska

La potente y colorida obra de la artista Beata Chrzanowska.

20syl . Kodama

Genial videoclip dirigido por el mismo músico 20syl y Mathieu Le Dude.

Outrospection . The Body and Mind

by Daniel Ramos Obregón


It was in Carrara where Michelangelo embarked on a series of life-threatening expeditions to secure the same blocks of precious white Carrara marble stone for his celebrated ‘Pietà’ and ‘Moses’ masterpiece sculptures. Like the vitality of human flesh, the ephemeral material used for the Manhattan Lamp becomes more than just a sculptural medium; a juxtaposition between the sheer scale of the monumental stone volumes and the pristine Italian mountain-scape.

Yih-Han Wu

Los geniales y originales retratos del artista Yih-Han Wu.


Homelessfonts is an Arrels Foundation initiative which consists of creating a collection of typefaces based on the handwriting of homeless. The idea behind these typefaces is for big brands to use them in their advertising and corporate announcements. All the proceeds go to the Arrels Foundation.

The Collapse of Cohesion

Serie de 3 vídeos basados en unos dibujos de su mismo creador, Levi van Veluw, donde distintos objetos se colapsan en una hipnotizante cámara súper lenta.

Adele K

Las potentes pinturas de la artista australiana Adele K.


BOXED by Tyrone Stoddart

Boxed is a piece of multi-functional and adaptable furniture. It can be a coffee table, a desk, two stools and a lamp. All of these elements can be extended by the simple introduction of another part to suit the user’s need. These parts then all collapse back down to their most basic form, allowing them to be returned to the case that they are stored inside.

ATYPICAL by Pawel Nolbert

Series of posters exploring the form and rhythm of letters or pseudo-letters acting as half-realistic, half-illustrative figurative sculptures.

Raymond Lemstra

Los impresionantes dibujos del ilustrador Raymond Lemstra.

Folded Light, Folded Shadow

Using her skilled fingers as her tools, Japanese artist Yuko Nishimura transforms large, crisp, single white sheets of a special handmade paper known as kyokushi into complex geometric two and three dimensional conceptual wall reliefs.


Prince Diamond

La extraña naturalidad que irradian los dibujos de David Rappeneau.

3LEGS table collection by STUDIO NOMAD

David Tarcali, member of the Budapest-based Studio-Nomad, designed a coffee and side table collection called ‘3LEGS’. The three different types of tables are inspired by geometric patterns and architectural shapes. The name 3LEGS reflects the simplicity of how these forms work. Each table is folded from a single sheet of 3-millimeter-thick steel that gives it the characteristic abstract appearance seen from different perspectives.


Su luz y un extraño y a la vez bestial volumen hacen de la obra de Jordan Kasey algo muy especial, distinto.