Calligraphy on Girls

Pokras Lampas tiene tanto talento creando sus características caligrafías como escogiendo sus particulares lienzos.

Chris LaBrooy

Chris LaBrooy ya nos sorprendió con sus “Auto Aerobics“, ahora nos vuelve a dejar alucinados con sus locuras 3D en su serie “Tales of auto elasticity“.

Silver Lining Ceramics

The amazing crystal cups by Katie Marks.

Rachel Baran

La fotografía conceptual de la joven artista Rachel Baran.

Helena Frank

Los divertidos y cabezones personajes dibujados por la ilustradora Helena Frank.

Mosh Pits (Human and Otherwise)

Dan Witz, el retratista del moshing*.

* El Mosh (o Moshing) es un tipo de danza en cuyos participantes saltan, hacen acrobacias y chocan violentamente unos con otros al ritmo de la música. Suele ser asociado con estilos musicales “agresivos” como el hardcore punk, el thrash metal, el death metal o el groove metal. (wikipedia)

Fidia Falaschetti

Fidia’s world is a kind of surrealistic society made up of bizarre iconic characters, shown in different contexts and lit up by special “floodlights”. Playing with this pop-ular language, and toying with the (sometimes) frightful actuality, he tries to give a different meaning to what is happening around us.

Spencer Harrison

Spencer Harrison is a graphic artist, designer and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. Behind his energetic and vivid creations is a playful imagination and fascination with daydreams, adventures, nature and fun.

A Tale of Plant & Pot

A Tale of Plant & Pot is a dialogue between Adam Silverman and Kohei Oda and their work, two talented makers that share a mutual love of the beauty to be found in the perfectly imperfect. The strangely beautiful glazes and finishes of Adam Silverman’s pots are both challenging and rewarding in equal measure. For A Tale of Plant & Pot he focused on that most basic element of nature: the earth, knowing that each pot would then be presented to Kohei Oda to complete the story that he had begun. Kohei Oda’s philosophy has always been to work with plants that have personality, using rare and grafted cactus (connecting two pieces of living plant tissue together to grow as one composite plant) creating hybrid specimens that capture the beauty and potential in each perceived imperfection.

Marble Basics

Marble Basics is a sister design duo based in Melbourne. An adoration of Marble inspires the transformation from everyday objects into marble-ised showpieces. Their dedication to Marble, a durable and enduring material is channelled in contemporary, basic and everlasting products, all designed by Bliss and Bonnie Adams.

Dene Leigh

Dene Leigh is a British Artist who achieved his BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting degree at Wimbledon College of Art. His practice incorporates different artistic disciplines drawing from and commenting on assemblage, collage, photography, found art, and painting and uniting them to create illusive artworks about fascinating neurological impairments with a recurring theme of the unseen and unknown; drawing particular emphasis on the impairments that his grandfather experienced after a stroke.


Chester is a project which was developed in cooperation by Oya-Meryem Yanik & Anastasiya Koshcheeva. The two designers live and work in Berlin and have come together in their experimental approach. This turned out in a series of prototypes with different variations. As a result, the cover material for Chester has taken its beginning.

Dino Valls

Toca deleitarnos otra vez con la obra del pintor Dino Valls.

Fetishism by Zhan Chong

Los extraños bodegones del artista Zhan Chong.

Tourist . Illuminate ft. Years & Years

In 1992, a man receives love letters in Korean. Since Google Translate doesn’t exist yet, he’s left confused. What could this mean?

Music video by Tourist performing Illuminate. Graphic aesthetic influenced by video games X (Gameboy) and Super World Runner (NES). All animated in Photoshop, with slight post-production in After Effects and editing in Premiere by Nicolas Ménard.

Jesus Cuesta

Los bestiales tatuajes -y quizás me quede corto- hechos por Jesus Cuesta.

Maple Set Knives

Lo que en su momento fue un prototipo, ahora ya es una realidad. Maple Set Knives, un contraste de materiales hecho cuchillos.

Amandine Urruty

Los fantásticos mundos en blanco y negro dibujados por la artista Amandine Urruty.


Yonca Karakas

Las escenografías fotografiadas por la artista turca Yonca Karakas tienen un contraste tan raro como genial. Pasa de lo pastel-inocente-naíf a lo casi grotesco.

Paul Kaptein

Las preciosas esculturas talladas en madera del artista Paul Kaptein.

Gabriel Dupuis

Los impresionantes diseños 3D del artista digital francés Gabriel Dupuis.

Geometry Collection

A new collection of tableware called the Geometry Collection from DesignK.


Fashion project by Lasha Devdariani & Guga Kotetishvili.

Plant Friends

Plant Friends is a plant environmental monitor system. It monitors the soil moisture, air temperature, and air humidity of your indoor plant(s) and will alert you via email and SMS when your plants are thirsty. The system is battery operated, wireless, Arduino and Raspberry Pi based and comes with an Android app. The app enables you to look at the real-time and historical data (temperature, humidity, soil moisture) on your phone.

FORMS by Albert Omoss

Ongoing filmic explorations of four-dimensional forms.

Poni Hoax . Antibodies

Music video directed by Cyrille de Vignemont.

Playgrounds Titles 2014

Amazing titles directed by bif for the Playgrounds International Digital Arts Festival.

Jean Jullien

A little film about the illustrator Jean Jullien made by Handsome Frank.

Home-Made Tattoos by Miso

Home-made tattoos by Miso for friends & friends of friends, playing with memory, space & geography turned back on the body, all completed as trades.

Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

El escultor japonés Yoshitoshi Kanemaki vuelve a sorprendernos con una de sus bestiales piezas.