THEO JANSEN . 3D printed Strandbeests

Era de esperar que Theo Jansen empezara a jugar algún día con las impresoras 3D para hacer sus esculturas cinéticas, las geniales “Strandbeest”, y ese día ha llegado.

Houses and Plants

Houses and plants by Happy Red Fish.

Glasser x Totokaelo

A short film collaboration between Glasser and Totokaelo.

Alyson Shotz . Mirror Fence

Genial instalación del artista americano Alyson Shotz.


NastPlas is a creative duo formed in 2006 by illustrator Fran R. Learte “drFranken” and creative director Natalia Molinos “Na”, together “Nastplas Team“. Their work combines an impressive range of digital elements and abstract patterns with which they develop elaborate pieces of art with a visual load.

Happiness Has A Hole . Marie Louise

Increíble videoclip hecho por Büro Achter April para la canción “Happiness Has A Hole” de la cantante Marie Louise.


A continuous vertical freehand digression by Caleb Wood.


El artista austríaco Aldo Tolino sigue doblando retratos creando sorprendentes y preciosas deformaciones.

ham cruise

No sé quien está detrás del tumblr ham cruise (es japonés/a, algo es algo) pero sus locuras/dibujos son absolutamente geniales.


illucia is a patchbay controller by chris novello. It lets you use physical cables to connect things like videogames, music software, text editors, synthesizers, and more. It has a free suite of interconnectable games and software, plus it speaks OSC so it works with many existing programs.

LAST SEASON by Lernert & Sander

This spring the artists Lernert & Sander made space for the arrival of new collections at Kiki Niesten by reducing last season knitted garments from Fall/Winter ‘13 by Céline, Chloé, Jil Sander and Prada to balls of yarn: symbols of hope and aspiration.


Her statement pieces are easily recognized by subtle geometrical lines and lightweight elegance. Main inspiration for her work is a straight line – the basic unit of geometry found in the space.

Jeffrey Gibson

Los geniales sacos de boxeo y sus coloridas geometrías del artista Jeffrey Gibson.


Las increíbles esculturas talladas en madera por el artista japonés Yoshitoshi Kanemaki.

Steve Caldwell

El genial retratista inglés Steve Caldwell.

In Dreams

An art show tribute to David Lynch.


El grafitero francés Zoer CSX se ha pasado al pincel y está creando verdaderas maravillas sobre lienzo.



By Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader

Primary Fluorescents

By OS ∆ OOS. Three fluorescent lights built around a cell structure creating flexible connections, allowing for a different definition of precision. Water jet cut pieces ensure exact shapes but connections with the glass tubes can be free formed.

Alfred Steiner

¿Puede ser algo grotesco a la vez que simpático? Puede. Y encima técnicamente impecable. Así es el arte de Alfred Steiner y sus espectaculares acuarelas. ¿Jugamos a adivinar los famosos personajes que Steiner retrata muy a su manera?

Thomas Doyle

In a small suburb north of New York City we met Thomas Doyle, a sculptor whose miniature works reveal an interesting view of his characters’ lives. Doyle constructs frozen scenes of surreal domesticity and suburban life that provoke nostalgia and warmth—until one takes a closer look. Maybe the idyllic image of the American family is not as cozy as it seems.


You may not have heard of Jonathan Hoefler or Tobias Frere-Jones but you’ve seen their work. Before their recent split they ran the most successful and well respected type design studio in the world, creating fonts used by everyone from the Wall Street Journal to the President of the United States.

Font Men, gives a peek behind the curtain into the world of Jonathan and Tobias. Tracking the history of their personal trajectories, sharing the forces that brought them together and giving an exclusive look at the successful empire they built together.

Joanne Nam

Las delicadas pinturas de Joanne Nam.

Where I See Fashion

El genial Tumblr de Bianca LuiniWhere I See Fashion, donde empareja fotos de moda con otras fotos que tengan algún parecido.

Maureen Gubia

Las inquietantes figuras pintadas por la artista ecuatoriana Maureen Gubia.


Otra maravilla dirigida por Pablo Larcuen.

Elliot The Bull . Colourblind

Awesome clip by Oh Yeah Wow. Pretty wood stop motion.

Beyond the Look of Eyes

Los geniales personajes multi ojos del ilustrador y animador taiwanés Liu Yen-Chen.


BIOPIRACY . Iris van Herpen AW 2014

Traditional craft and technology combine to conquer the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week.


Las locas pinturas del artista francés Kriki.